you look cute

julia, your blog is so pretty oh wow. and your theme is perfect, been looking for a theme like that for ages now ♡

omg thank you so much i love your blog forever, thank you for this message ♡ your blog is absolutely perfect 

Hello juliaaa <3 would you mind to please check out my blog? :)

hello! ill take a look at it ☺

You're so pretty!

Awh thankyou <3

Your blog is like pure perfection ♥

Awh this is the sweetest message ever <3

Wow you're beautiful :)

No you are ♥

i love your blog so much<3

thank you sweety ♥

i'm OBSESSED with your blog. Too cute<3

Awh this is such a sweet message :*

Hello flawless ♥ Your blog is perfection. Please check out mine :) x

Awh you are so sweet! sure :) 

i love your blog:) it's really nice. would you please check out mine?

thanks! ofcourseeee

I L O V E your blog !!!! its really really amazing :)))

Awh thank you so much honey

How was France? :D

very nice, thanks doll <3

Followed! Would you check out my blog? :)

Thanks! Ofcourseeee 

Just followed you :) Your blog is absolutely lovely <3

Thanks babe <3

thank you! You have a gorgeous blog! :)

you’re welcome! thanks <3

Julia, I have been following you for such a long time and I must say that you and blog are PERFECT! I remember we used to tinychat all of the time, you are drop dead gorgeous and super duper sweet! I hope you never change and never forget that I love you c: <33

Aawh i love you so much honey ♥